BAGAT Jantar

Easy and understandable to use

Yellow is the color of energy and sun, intellect and lightness. We named the machine after the Jantar stone, which is a sign of success.

The Bagat Jantar sewing machine offers as many as 17 sewing programs. Including decorative stitching and overlock stitching.

The main features of BAGAT sewing machines

LED lighting
automatic needle threader
Free arm
Quick-change sewing foot
Comfortable work surface
Metal bobbin case


Advanced with a large selection of stitches

Blue is a symbol of peace and relaxation in nature. It means harmony, sky and water. We named the machine after the Sapphire stone, which is a symbol of strength and creativity.

Enjoy advanced technology with a 1-stage automatic buttonhole and a large selection of sewing programs – 32 different ones offered by the Bagat Safir sewing machine.