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sewing machine Bagat Sapphire

Advanced and with a large selection of stitches – this is a Bagat Safir sewing machine It is named after the Sapphire stone, which is a symbol of strength and creativity.

A quality mechanical sewing machine with a metal boat will be able to do all household chores, such as shortening jeans (denim) pants, sewing curtains, as well as a piece of stretch material such as jersey.

Our advice for sewing thicker fabrics : Set the length of the seam to a little more than usual – from 3.5 to 4.5 millimeters. The first stitch can be done by hand by turning the wheel, then continue with a slow stitch and choose the right needle .

The Bagat Safir sewing machine offers as many as 34 different sewing programs. Including decorative stitching and overlock stitching. We recommend using an overlock foot.

Seam selection:

Easy selection of programs via the rotary button for seam selection.

Recognizable design and features that will make your job easier, such as automatic thread feeder, automatic 1-step buttonhole, sleeve, double needle stitching, reverse stitching and automatic thread tension, which you can also adjust if necessary. A thread cutter is mounted on the machine housing. Enjoy advanced technology.

Bagat Sapphire also offers a comfortable work surface, so you will have plenty of room to create.

Thanks to the  LED  lighting, you have an even and beautifully lit work surface. They also have a much longer lifespan compared to ordinary light bulbs.

Automatic single-stage buttonhole for quick and easy production of professional buttonholes.

With the Bagat Safir sewing machine you will easily make different buttonholes. You do not need to lift the needle or change the setting to sew the buttons. Your sewing machine will automatically arrange all four steps.

Solid and stable metal interior, reduces vibrations even during long work and high sewing speeds. Powerful and economical motor, precise sewing even with thicker, multi-layered or elastic materials.

Reliable lasting quality of all mechanical parts. Quality and durable plastic housing, resistant to UV light.

Technical characteristics of the Bagat Safir sewing machine:

  • 34 different types of stitches (decorative and overlock stitches)
  • 1-step automatic buttonhole (1-speed buttonhole)
  • built-in automatic thread feeder
  • 11 needle positions
  • adjustable seam length 4 mm
  • adjustable seam width 5 mm
  • LED work surface lighting
  • possible reverse stitching
  • possible sewing with a double needle
  • sleeve
  • electronic pedal
  • powerful and economical engine 750 (+/- 50) stitches per minute
  • quick-change sewing feet
  • robust metal boat
  • 6-point transport system


  • universal point
  • zipper point
  • button stitch
  • foot for making a buttonhole
  • 3 oblique spools
  • additional thread holder (double needle stitching)
  • screwdriver
  • paralysis
  • felt tile
  • universal needles
  • cap thread holder – large
  • the cap held the thread – a little
  • lubricating oil
  • conveyor cap for hands-free sewing (embroidery)
  • additional washer – a tool for sewing thicker materials

Warranty: 5 years for natural persons – 1 year for legal entities also sp





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