Bagat – a brand that has been delighting and satisfying seamstresses since 1955. We all still remember the models from the Bagat family such as Slavica, Višnja, Ruža and Jadranka. They were already used by our grandmothers and mothers, but you may have started the first steps in the world of sewing with them.

Legend is back

The desire to maintain and revive this great brand in the world of household sewing machines, with the strong will and cooperation of technicians, mechanics and foreign partners, has created new models of BAGAT sewing machines.

Did you knew

The first prototype of a sewing machine in Bagat was made by mechanic Šime Pavić in 1955. The prototype weighed over seven kilograms and could perform back and forth, zigzag stitching, semi-automatic buttonhole stitching, button stitching, making nine types of patterns and sewing with two needles.

Even more advanced

LED lighting

Automatic needle threader